The Top 5 Flash Mob Marriage Proposals

The Mash-Up Mob

This bride to be was totally shocked when her partner proposed to her.

This flash mob surprised the bride to be, Naomi in a restaurant and proceeded to do a live mash-up of Bruno Mars and Whitney Houston, all arranged by her then-partner, Mark Fury.

Their singing was totally on point and the other diners loved it so much that they joined in.

The Movie Mob

Archie and Amy were on their way to watch a movie when their friends and family rocked this great routine.

The family flew in from all over the United States to part of the dance, which made use of combination of culture music to celebrate their diverse marriage.


The Whole Mob

This flash mob proposal happened in China, when a huge group of people dancing to Bruno Mars in the heart of Beijing.

The cast included a dancing penguin!


The UK Mob

Hasan and Soma conveniently bumped into a crowd in London, who were dancing to Bruno Mars (yup, again).

Halfway during the performance Hasam joined in and killed it with his dancing, before he goes down on one knee.


The Bhangra Mob

This lucky bride was under the impression that she was going on a holiday to Disneyworld but it quickly became more than just that.

Poonam Jolly and her partner, Kiranjit Sidhu are members of a professional dance group and Kiranjit and a few other members of the group planned the flash mob proposal in true Bhangra style.

Fast forward to the two minute mark.


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