This Guy Pointed his Camera to the Sky in Miami Airport and Caught a UFO

Multiple candid cellphone video footage circulated the internet of a Unidentified Flying Object in the night-sky of Miami airport. These footage sow in full HD quality a very bright object in the sky that seems to be descending into earth’s atmosphere and blowing out intensely hot hair around it. You can see the bright UFO in the middle of the a bright halo around it getting bigger as it descends.

UFO in Miami Airport or Failed Rocket?

UFO in Miami Airport or Failed Rocket?

Miami Herald claimed that the bright object in the sky of Miami airport was just a failed rocket crashing. However, many people quickly pointed out that towards the end of the video, the bright object slowed down. If this is a failed rocket descending, should it be speeding up?

You’ll be the judge. Here’s the video.

Miami Airport UFO Video caught by people on their cellphone camera.

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