The Weeknd ft. Lana Del Rey’s “Prisoner” FULL SONG

The Weeknd’s new album “Beauty Behind The Madness” features a collaboaration track with Lana Del Rey and it’s called “Prisoner”. Abel (The Weeknd) recently performed the track in Lollapalooza live. Of course Lana wasn’t there so her verse was not featured in this live performance.

The Toronto singer who is making waves around the world and people calling the next Michael Jackson has been teasing fans with his new album and every time he leaks a track, it trends on Twitter and Facebook.

There’s so much appetite for this new song that even fans have started covering the song and posting it only by faking it as if it’s the original.

Here’s a particular cover of this really amazing singer who should really take the credit.

The Weeknd featuring Lana Del Rey’s “Prisoner”. Looking to Download the full song? Did you come here searching the web for Zippyshare download of the mp3 of the song?


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