Watch Patrick Kane Sexual Assault Video Full Story

The Chicago Blackhawks star and badboy skilled forward, Patrick Kane is in serious trouble again. This time, he might actually get jail time considering the precedent set by authorities when they punished Slava Voynov.

Patrick Kane was allegedly being accused of sexually assaulting a woman last week and there is proof surveillance video evidence from the elevator it took place. Remember Ray Rice?

Patrick Kane sexual assault video full story

The MVP hockey player was the single most important player with the Blackhawks winning their third Stanley Cup and now he’s in some serious mess again since the incident when Patrick Kane beat up a cab driver.

The police in Hamburg, New York which is a town near Buffalo where Patrick Kane lives.

Kane is a subject to getting charge for rape. That is pretty bad news for Blackhawks and this ordeal could drag on for a long long time. This can threaten their dynasty in Chicago.

A local Hamburg young woman accused Patrick Kane of sexual assault after the woman went to the hospital and went under forensic exam.

So far no charges has been filed and there’s no video proof shown to public by authorities.

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