Tim Tebow Cut from Philadelphia Eagles going to CFL Alouettes

Coach Chip Kelly called Tim Tebow and told him he’s got a chance to come back to the NFL to play for him. First he needs to go and play in the CFL to get more reps so he can develop his game sense.

Tebow’s throwing motion is no longer a big issue to Chip Kelly. He thought Tebow was processing the game too slow to make significant contribution to the team.

So the Tebow era in Philadelphia is close for now. So long NFL’s Tebow, hello CFL’s Tim Tebow.

The Montreal Alouettes own Time Tebow’s football rights so he may well be in the team shortly.

Tim Tebow CFL Montreal Alouettes

Tim Tebow playing in the CFL will make him develop his throwing arm because the field is wider and there’s a lot more passing game. This is not a huge setback for the former Heistman winner. This will actually benefit Time Tebow in the long run because he will get more reps like Chip Kelly says.

If Tim Tebow made the Philadelphia Eagles roster, he would have seen very little playing time as a 3rd string quarterback behind Sanchez and Bradford. This would not be good for Timmy.

Chip Kelly recognized this about Tebow so he actually made the right decision both for the Philadephia Eagles and Time Tebow’s development.

Look at what happened to Doug Flutie. He decided to play in the CFL and after dominating the league, he went back to the NFL and it fact many teams wanted Flutie as a quarterback.

So Tim Tebow to the CFL is both good for the sport and Tebowmanias.

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