This Robot Went Through Drive Through and Ordered a Burger and

Robot pranks drives through employees. Robot scares drive through workers.

Look as fast-food workers scream with dread (and giggling) while running for spread when a gleaming blue robot moves up to their drive-through window. “Hi! I am IO!” it yells. Not all workers escape from the window. One kindred takes the robot’s cash, yet hollers, “This befuddles me! I don’t care for change!” Not certain on the off chance that he implied money related or reality change. The best is when IO does a “body output” of a couple of representatives and after that expresses their name, stunning since they aren’t wearing IDs. Clearly the prankster, Rahat, otherwise known as MagicofRahat, had a companion request nourishment prior to get their names on the receipt. This isn’t the first commute through trick, yet it’s on a par with all the rest.

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