Amazing Video of Angelina Jolie in Acting Class in year 2000

Do you ever wonder how most acclaimed actors in Hollywood got started? Did they just happen to serve the right table at a restaurant and meet a powerful film producer that gave them a shot?

In Hollywood movie that usually happens. It’s great fairy tale story but in real life, actors that carry the entire movie that wins an Oscar must have acting chops. Good looks aren’t enough to score acting roles in a Scorsese movie.

Angelina Jolie won an Oscar for best actress in the movie Girl Interrupted. This video now circulated of her doing acting class in 2000. This must have been at the time when she won the Oscar.

Angelina Jolie Acting Class (Video 1)

Angelina Jolie Acting Class (Video 2)

The young Angelina Jolie is seen here showing her range as she rages opposite to another female actress. She goes from smiling to raging and it’s fascinating to watch her humble beginning.

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