The Weeknd spotted with Hot Super Model Bella Hadid

Have you ever seen the Facebook timeline today? It’s flooded with news and gossips about this uber-hot super model name Bella Hadid.

Who is Bella Hadid who was spotted with The Weeknd?

Celebrity blogs have been on a rampage posting news about the Canadian popstar dating this young super model. What started all the ruckus?

Bella Hadid posted a bunch of photos of her and Abel (The Weeknd) together. At first it seems like just a fan photos of the two with encrypted description.

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A photo posted by Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) on

You can see that two cuddling in this photo. Abel looks absolutely high here on either drugs or her scent.

Bella Hadid also posted the entire music video of “Can’t Feel My Face” on her Instagram.

Then today, paparazzi photos of the two walking together holding hands circulated the Facebook and the buzz about The Weeknd continues. I wonder how many jealous girls feeling depressed right now seeing Abel with another woman.

Here is a bunch of photos of The Weeknd’s girlfriend.

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