This Guy Prank Called a Chinese Restaurant and it got really Ugly

Warning. This video has a ton of F-bombs and F-your-mother cuzings.

Ownage Pranks posted this video on Youtube which is a real telephone call to a real Chinese restaurant. The prankster pretends to be a Vietnamese guy talking in a very thick Vietnamese accent. When he tries to order and was told that the kitchen is closed, he freaks out at the restaurant worker and starts threatening him.

Watch this funny video.

You can also watch this same prankster makes a call to another Chinese restaurant making orders over the phone for Some-Young-Guy and Tampon Tea.

These videos are Racists jokes and may offend a lot of Asian people. If you have the tolerance, it’s worth watching for entertainment sake. The fake Chinese accent is only funny if you don’t speak any Chinese. This is quite an offensive Chinese Prank Call video.

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